Asynchronous Agile 2:

Modulation by Humans

What do I mean by modulation? In electronics, modulation is control over the flow of an output. A transistor controls the output of an amplifier using a tiny input signal. A modulator controls a radio antenna. Your thumb controls the output of your garden hose. Whether inputs are physical goods, services, or lines of code, almost all input resources are modulated by the activity of some human being doing some kind of activity. In the case of code, a person has to consider a problem, plan a solution, write the code, test it, and release it. Some of these processes can be automated, like the testing, integration and release phases. Even those automated steps are human modulated at their inception. Some inputs could come from the natural world, like water or trees, but they aren’t part of our process until human intervention turns them into meaningful resources. For simplicity, I’m going to talk as if all inputs are human modulated.  

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